Standard Plastic Cards

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Operational from Philippines, NDAS Phils. Inc. We tend to square measure related to standard plastic cards & graphic designers and professionals, Health Organization work along and with purchasers to finish the undertaken job among the same time-frame. Over the years, we've garnered appreciation for giving Gift Cards, Membership Cards, VIP Cards, tape Cards, clear Cards, Silver Cards / Gold Cards, Insurance Card, ultraviolet light Varnish Spot, Recharge Cards, edifice Cards, pledge Cards and Signature Panel Cards.


Plastic gift card replaced the recent fashion paper gift card. you'll produce your own style developing a really distinctive gift card that includes your company identity, develops additional client loyalty and reminds your customers of you each time they open their pocketbook or purse. Our gift cards is written in one to full color on either side, and may be made with a code or tape programmed to figure together with your purpose of sale systems (credit card reader) code for trailing, re-loading and storing client data

They’re popular firms and organizations such as: Golf Clubs; Leisure Centers; Societies; Restaurants; Hotels; Organizations; Social Clubs; Businesses of all sectors and a lot of. Membership cards. Cards is written with either one color, two color, or a full color print, additionally tape encryption, barcode printing, signature panel, and prime quality embossing.

Of course all of your customers essential vital to you, except for those who square measure “SPECIAL”, allow them to comprehend it with elegant, long lasting,  VIP / most well-liked client cards. distinctive promotions, even special entry times or locations will all be handled with a VIP Card. Cards is personalised with names, account numbers, and valid dates, or be written with generic data.

Provides a full printing and encryption service for tape cards to be used in parking area readers, door access, library cards, membership cards and every one types of access cards. Cards square measure offered with normal tracks one, 2, and 3. Magnetic stripes obtainable in silver, gold, blue, red. The cards used square measure prime quality plastic, mastercard vogue cards with a tape on the reverse facet.

They are very talked-about with our customers and are excellent for that trendy look! we tend to take made-to-order printing orders wherever we tend to print logos, images, etc. the photograph of any explicit person may be written with simplicity. These see through clear cards out there in enticing graphic styles and clear prints that support in meeting the business and official necessities of the purchasers. made up of prime quality PVC plastic, these clear cards square measure extremely acknowledged for resistance to water. written with emblem and name of purchasers.

Produces a whole vary of Gold Cards & Silver Cards for such purchasers that provide their customers Gold card and Silver card. we tend to manufacture for varied brands with the best quality cards. All our gold card and silver cards square measure out there in matt and shiny finishes. the bottom material is principally made from plastic giving longer service ability. Metallic plastic cards full color written also to grant all the small print of your artwork; you'll additionally use Silk Screen Metallic Silver Ink to print auriferous cards in a very totally different means.

The Health Card is issued by the provincial or territorial government and permits access to insured health care services. This card helps in availing varied styles of medical services from hospitals and Insurance firms. This card is known by a particular range or code, and with a private name. offers a large vary of Health Cards

As the name suggests, a Spot Varnish is applied to chosen spots (areas), of a written piece. This has the have an effect on of light and drawing attention to it a part of the look. This adds tons of interest. One terribly effective technique is to use a ultraviolet light gloss spot varnish on high of matt laminated printing. This achieves most distinction between the extremely reflective shiny ultraviolet light coating and also the light-absorbing matte laminate.

Signature panels, a feature that's used on several plastic cards to produce one more feature of customization and security. These panels ordinarily seen on the rear of credit cards wherever the cardholder is meant to sign their name within the area provided. Credit cards aren't the sole style of plastic card that advantages from this feature. Signature panels are common on membership and loyalty cards and on ID Badges.

The pledge cards square measure utilized by makers to certify the genuineness of the merchandise sold-out also as offer a card wherever all the variable data of the client is written. Special writable panels square measure on condition that permit on the spot issue. pledge card with made-to-order printing choice on every sides facilitate bring home the bacon a prime quality made-to-order collateral that enhances the image of the merchandise. Plastic pledge cards square measure very popular high finish premium brands.

Our Hotel Key Cards square measure compatible together with your existing locks and entry systems and may be encoded on your premises by all wide used security systems. this permits you to gift a fantabulous image at reduced prices whereas maintaining the best level of security. Another a lot of classical use for the Hotel  key card is area or out of doors entry access. These area keys or threshold keys square measure plastic, more cost-effective to the edifice once they lost or misplaced and square measure simply reprogrammed. the value savings and selling opportunities create plastic Hotel keys a simple selection for the Hotel business.